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We can all heal ourselves. Sometimes we need a little help. I can get you started. Let’s harness your light!

Over the last 20 years, I have honed my skills using light and energy to heal physical ailments and emotional wounds at the root level. I facilitate healing by channeling light to remove triggers that block light and happiness. I see the energy in my clients’ bodies and use my skills to remove any blockages. This shifts the whole being, producing fast, effective, and enduring results.

Most sessions last 60 minutes. The session will begin with a conversation so that I may help you understand the process and answer your questions. When you are ready, I will begin the healing. During a session, I will lightly touch your head. You may feel energy moving in your body. Some people see lights or images, while others see nothing at all. We are all unique, and we experience healing in our own way. But for everyone, the process of energy healing is warm, safe, and relaxing.

Often a few sessions are sufficient to return a person to abundant health. For severe trauma, additional sessions may be necessary.